My Experience with NAET

When I first came to Dr. Kofford it was strictly for chiropractic care. He was gentle. He cared if I was in pain or not and he's done a tremendous amount of good for my neck, back and hips. We started talking about NAET, otherwise known as Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, a technique developed by a doctor who understand the havoc allergies wreak on the human body. I was intrigued enough to be tested and then start working on the allergies which had cropped up over the years. Now, every time I drink a glass of milk or have a milkshake and no nasty sinus infection shows up, I thank Dr. Kofford. Everytime I drink a long, tall cool glass of orange juice, or dig into a grapefruit and don't awaken the next morning in absolutely arthritic agony, I thank Dr. Kofford. Now that I no longer have problems with MSG, calcium and a host of other allergies I'm really feeling like a million bucks. This is all due to the care and concern Dr. Greg Kofford takes in dealing with things properly, whether they be chiropractic or NAET.

If you suffer from allergies I recommend you contact Dr. Greg Kofford immediately. You'll be so glad that you did!

~ Candace E. Salime


I want to express my profound appreciation to Dr. Greg Kofford for how quickly he helped me. I had been plagued with hives for two months +, having gone to two different doctors and being put on four different medications, with no relief! Using N.A.E.T, Dr. Kofford started a process of elimination to see what the trigger to my hives was. There was not much of a change in my hives until Dr. K treated me for a hormonal imbalance. Overnight all symptoms of my hives vanished literally, within 24 hours all itching, prickly heat, and rashes were gone! What a huge relief!

I don't understand how N.A.E.T. works, but it worked when nothing else did.

Thank you!

~ Victoria F.


My grandson, Jacob, had an extermely miserable first year of life due to numerable allergies. Repeated trips to the pediatrician, then to a pediatric allergist, and finally to the allergy specialists at the University of Utah all provided very little hope. He was diagnosed with hyper immunoglobulin E and his IgE levels were 400 times higher than usual. Another term for his condition is "Job's Syndrome", possibly related to the life time of suffering he was facing. His face would bleed openly within minutes of contact with polyester fabric like that found in clothing or seat covers. At nine months of age, after he was fed an egg, his right ear became so swollen that it cracked open and bled. He suffered constantly cracked and bleeding hands and feet, even though every attempt was made to keep as much of his skin covered as was possible. His face was so red and scabbed that to this day he is still hesitant to look in a mirror. He was treated frequently for asthma. Understandable, he slept very little and spent much of his awake time crying and scratching his arms and legs. As an R.N., I felt we had exhausted the options from traditional medical science, and began to look for relief from alternative medicine.

As a result of calls to a number of alternative specialists, I kept hearing about N.A.E.T. I researchet the NAET.com web site, then located Dr. Kofford at the Temple View Chiropractic [Freedom Square] (who, by the way, charges less for the treatments than anyone else I spoke with) and we started clearing Jake of his allergies in January of 2000.

As unconventional as the treatments may appear, the results were dramatic and immediate. His skin improved immensely, his temperment went thru radical improvement. He has used considerably less Benadryl and topical steroids, and his asthma is almost a thing of the past. And, because he has experienced no pain with the treatments, he has no fear of the visits and thoroughly enjoys his trips to his "POP-POP Dr."

Jake still has some reactions, and we are still trying to identify all the allergens he reacts to, but without a doubt life for Jake and all those who love him have been dramatically improved because of the N.A.E.T methods and Dr. Kofford's compassion and skill.


~Valerie D., R.N.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Ideal Protein

I thought that I would always be over-weight, for twenty years I thought this because no matter what I tried (the diets, the exercise programs, and personal trainers) nothing worked. Granted, I would lose 10 pounds here and there, but would always gain back the weight and more. About 2 years ago I lost about 25 lbs in a period of 3 months and I thought I was set, but I went off the diet and within 4 months i had gained it all back. Agter this happened I really got into riding my bike almost every day and I lost maybe 10 lbs. Around the last few weeks of September, I went to an appointment with Dr. Wilde and explained how frustrated I was getting with my body. He told me about this program that he and his colleagues were on. I was very interested in what he was telling me and then he informs me of a meeting in a week. I go home and talk to my husband and we decide it wouldn't hurt to go to a meeting. We go to the meeting and I am feeling so much comfort in what they are telling us and teaching us about what this new way of eating has done for the doctors and the assistants that work there. I got very excited and signed up that very night. The next meeting I go to is with my consultant. At this meeing she weighs me and measures me. It was a total eye opener because I had bloomed up to 204. I was so sad because I had let myself down again. I made my last promise to myself for the last time at that very moment, I will never be this size again. Now 4 months later I have lost 36lbs and I have almost fulfilled my promise to myself. The reason I haven't failed this time is beacuse of my support system and the amazing girls I have worked with as my consultants and the program itself is fool proof. I will never be 204 again.

-Kristine Fullmer

Dr. Bryan

Since junior high school I have suffered with lower back pain. Though it was mild, it was enough to bother me on occasion. Every chiropractor I went to said that I had chronic back pain and would dela with it for the rest of my life. Then, early in 2010, I got a weight lifting injury that affected my lower back so severely that I could no longer do what I love most: running. I was was referred to Freedom Square Chiropractic where I met with Dr. Joshua Bryan. After evaluating me, assessing my injury and taking some x-rays, he gave me the best news I could have wanted: my injuried were curable. After the first month of treatment I started to feel much stronger, and now after 7 months of occasional treatment, I am fully recovered and performing better than I was prior to my injury. No chiropractor has ever been so helpful, so willing to listen to me, and so inclusive as we discussed treatment options. Dr. Bryan and his staff are some of the most hard working, dedicated, and wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and it is to them that I give the credit of my recovery.Thank you Dr. Bryan and staff.

Alicia Chidester, Orem UT

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